The Thing of it Is Players

Welcome to the official web site and script repository of "The Thing of it is" players.
This site contains an extensive library of our original material which we wish to provide to other Christian drama troups free of any charge or obligation. Feel free to browse around - we have a wide selection of complete scripts, and a good number of skit synopses which we hope can be a creative spark to help your troupe create a masterpiece of its own.

If you'd like some ideas on starting or maintaining your own drama troup, take a look through the tips section where we wax eloquent on our "no-props-no-costumes-no-scripts" philosophy of skit construction.

Of course, If you live in or are visiting the greater Portland Oregon area, we'd love to see you at our parent church, City's Edge.

PS: We'd love to know if you've been able to use one of our skits. Send us your stories, or your questions!
Oh, and do stop back from time to time. We perform every week and our backlog of skits to be transcribed is - err - considerable. However, chances are we'll get to it soon enough and there will be some new material available.

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