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The Interview Matthew 5: the first four beatitudes 3
God chooses his “employees” using criteria very different from that of the world.
Tollbooth Matthew 5: The Sermon on the Mount 3
The Sermon on the Mount from 20,000 feet: The Kingdom of God is nothing whatsoever like the kingdom of this world. The skit also functions as a fairly basic allegory for the Salvation Message
The Ghost Ship 4
A life with God rescues us from aimess wandering, insurmoutable debt, and worries of all stripes
The Mime Romans 12:1-2 3
"Do not comform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."
The Rollercoaster Psalm 31 3+
No matter how wild the ride, God is in control
The Healer 4
Jesus is the Great Physician who trully desires to heal us of all our wounds.
The Chess Team Romans 12:4-10 4
When we neglect our relationship with God, we let down the whole body of Christ
The Sally Montel Springer Show Col 3:13 4
Robots 4
When we fail to study our Bibles, we are bound to fail in our other pursuits as well.
Clerks 1 Cor 10:13 Three
Resisting Temptation

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