Surviving: The Tribal Council (1)

Actors: 4
Notes: If there is a fifth actor available, this skit could use a Director. This character would run the voting in place of Jesus, and may eliminate the need for the first video transition between the hunt and the council.
You could also shorten this skit by cutting out the hunting scene all together and embellishing the first video clip with enough information to set the stage.


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The survivors, being forced by the Director to vote one of their number off the island, have no problems agreeing upon Jesus as their victim. Their complaints are that he is divisive, too hard to measure up to, makes them feel incompetent, condecends, is too helpful, always talks about his Father and the rules they should follow, and is always talking about dead people.
The bombshell comes when Jesus votes for himself. He explains to the camera that this was the only way that He could demonstrate to the Survivors how to leave the island. Completely oblivious to his sacrifice, the Survivors congratulate themselves on having gotten rid of the weird-o as he departs

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