Surviving 3: Floyd Gets Lost

Actors: 1
Reference: Ephesians
Notes: This one is a little hard to pull off technically, but worth it!


The manipulative Floyd is on his way to the island’s fresh water supply to do a dirty deed – he’s got a bucket of chemicals that when ingested supposedly make the drinker very susceptible to outside control: namely, himself. The chemicals don’t work, however, and on the way back he gets hopelessly lost. He wanders for hours, only to find himself back at the water hole again and again. Interspersed are video clips of his journey as he gets more and more nervous and finally quite panicky. The clips bear a striking resemblance to the Blair Witch Project for some reason. Finally, just as he reaches the end of his rope, his flashlight picks up a trail of broken sticks set to look like crosses. (Gracie’s doing) He follows these safely into the camp – he’d never been more than 50 yards away! (Uh, Doug, this could use your help – I don’t remember well enough.)

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