Pill Pusher

Actors: 4
Reference: 1 Peter 3:15,
Notes: This skit is an example of how an old idea (in this case, the skit "Medicine," which you'll find early in this archive) can be taken and adapted into a new shape as circumstances dictate. Not only were far fewer actors available this time, but fact of the matter is, there were pieces of Medicine that bothered me a little bit when looked at 5+ years later - specifically, its emphasis on witnessing to perfect strangers and expecting an immediate response. We've come to recognize evangelism as a far more organic, relationship-based process of late, and this new skit reflects that.


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Fred was given a miracle headache drug, Xian (EX-ee-an) 6 months ago by his friend Steve. Since that time, Fred hasn't experienced a single headache. As the scene opens, Fred is stuck in the office copy room doing a huge copy job for his boss. To pass the time, he's chatting with Steve (on the phone). Fred is concerned because he hasn't managed to give away any of the Xian in the intervening months. Steve apparently is encouraging him just to be natural about it and take advantage of situations as they come up.
Three of Fred's co-workers then cycle through the copy room. In each case, Fred allows them to take cuts and use the copy machine.
Co-worker #1 is not a close friend of Fred's. He makes some very heavy handed and clumsy attempts to recommend Xian for her headache, which she won't admit to having. She leaves in a huff to complete her copies elsewhere.
Co-worker #2 is also only a casual acquaintance of Fred's. All he knows is that she's a frequent burner of the midnight oil and seems to be pretty interested in climbing the corporate ladder. He manages to provoke her to defensiveness when he tries to give her the Xian. She gets very angry and accuses him of belittling her and her ability to do a tough job. She is upset when she too leaves to finish her copies elsewhere.
Finally, an actual friend of Fred's comes in. She's obviously in pain and feeling a bit muddled - didn't even bring her master copy with her. Fred makes small talk with her for a while, chatting about a recent BBQ and thanking her for the loan of a book, etc. Finally the friend brings up the fact that she just can't concentrate because of her terrible headache. Fred - without even seeming to realize he's doing so - casually mentions that he's had no headaches since taking the Xian 6 months previous, and hands her the bottle to examine. She sounds very interested. Fred promises he'd be happy to chat with her about the stuff at the party coming up this weekend, and the co-worker eagerly agrees. She leaves still holding the Xian. Fred, completely in the dark, chastises himself loudly for giving that bottle to her - 'cause now how's he supposed to share it with people?

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