The Orchard

Actors: 3
Notes: This skit may take you out of your comfort zone as it is performed "in the round" with the questioner acting from the rear of the audience. Choose your unsuspecting actors before-hand if possible - volunteers who will play along nicely are preferable!


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Using a number of "trees" picked from the audience, and taking the services of a fruit-picking fairy, the narrator provides a quick visual parable about remaining rooted in Jesus in the style of a "This is your brain on drugs" commercial. However, when she asks "Any questions?" an audience member jumps up and begins peppering her w/ questions about the trees. What would happen if they were far apart? What about a tree that isn't in the Jesus-Ground? What about a new tree that comes on to the Jesus ground? What about a big storm? What kind of trees are those anyway? Is she the fruit fairy?
With each question, the Narrator and the Fruit Fairy act out whatever the questioner describes and answers the question.
However, the questions get sillier and sillier until the Questioner finally asks “A train leaves Phoenix at 1 pm…” At this, the Narrator cuts him off and asks where he’s getting all those questions, ‘cause he couldn’t have come up with them all himself.
You’re right, he admits, hanging his head. I’m a plant. (bu-dum-chick!)

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