Ramblers, Explorers, and Sparks, Oh My!

We believe that worship is not only for adults. All of us are called to respond to who God is and what He does for us, whether we are 2, or 72. So we encourage our youth to watch, listen, and sing during the music and drama portions of the service. After the scripture reading, they will be released to their classrooms for age-appropriate instruction.
We're very patient with wiggly kids, but rambunctious Rabbits or Ramblers are always welcome to use the lobby or the Ramblers' classroom with a parent if need be.

At City's Edge, our kids are divided into five groups:

Rabbits: Ages 0-2 (Parents and Friends)
Ramblers: Ages 3-4 (Mary Blochele)
Explorers: K-5th Grade (Katy Brumbelow, Beth Banham)
Sparks: 6-8th Grade
Pathfinders: 9th-12th Grade (Bethie and Stephen [Boogy] Borgstede, Stacy El Moussi)

How does each group work?

Rabbits: (2 and under) These babies & toddlers typically stay with their parents, (except when they're being passed around to willing baby holders, of course,) but parents are welcome to use the foyer for fussy or wiggly little ones. (We just ask that all pathways are kept clear for safety.) During the Sunday School time they are welcome in the Ramblers' classroom with or without a parent to participate at their own level.

Ramblers: (age 3 to 5) These little ones meet for Sunday School during the message, immediately following the drama portion of the service. They use the 2nd room on the right off of the foyer at the front of the building. The Ramblers will learn the basics about God (i.e. as Creator, big and powerful, good and loving) Jesus as God's Son, prayer and thankfulness using basic Bible stories, the Gospel story, music and crafts.

Explorers: (grades K to 5) These kiddos meet for Sunday School during the message, immediately following the drama portion of the service. They use the first room on the right off of the foyer at the front of the building. The Explorers will learn about the Old Testament Bible stories, the Gospel, the life of Jesus, the lives of Peter and Paul, and the Bible timeline. They'll begin focusing on scripture memory, prayer and worshiping with the community.

Sparks: At this time we have no regular attenders in the middle school age group. When present, these kids often serve as helpers for the Explorers, or sometimes join the Pathfinders.

Pathfinders: These teens meet the first two weeks of every month also in the office, during the message immediately following the drama. Boogy, Bethie & Stacy E. are the hosts each time they meet, while different City's Edge adults take turns doing the teaching. These next few months we will be memorizing key scriptures while each session a different CE adult will teach/share about that scripture. Since our kids keep growing, we now have a good sized high school group and are beginning to do special events together as well as our regular class during the Sunday message. Highlights of Pathfinders includes being pelted with candy, crazy games, funny skits, hearing people's stories and learning to tell our own! Our format encourages the teens to develop healthy relationships with City's Edge adults who model a Godly life, provide wise council, support, love and give encouragement. We want them to see themselves as contributing members of City's Edge. Other goals include deepening their understanding of Jesus and having a relationship with Him, knowing the Bible and applying it, developing a passion for the Gospel, and making and solidifying their own commitment to a life dedicated to obedience to Christ. And yes, in all of that, we also laugh a lot and have fun! Several of the Pathfinders help teach the younger kids as well; they do a terrific job and the little ones love them!

Summer Camps
The Explorers, Sparks and Pathfinders are usually engaged in at least one project to help pay their way to summer camp. For details, please see the Current Outreach Projects page, or ask the nearest kiddo! Scholarships are also available for kids who attend regularly and memorize scripture.

How can I help?
We are always looking for volunteers to assist in our burgeoning children's ministry. Along with adults, Sparks and Pathfinders are encouraged to take turns helping with the younger children. If you would like to be involved yourself or have any questions about which group your child should join, please speak with the contact person listed above.

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