$250.00 Grant
We just received a $250.00 grant from the NWYM Board of Christian Ed. to help get things for our kids rooms in our new building. Thanks NWYM!!!
ROUS  Beth Banham, Sunday, 1-31-10 11:27 PM
re: $250.00 Grant

is that what he's worth?
ROUS  Mark Franklin, Monday, 2-1-10 8:38 AM
re: $250.00 Grant
As in... $250.00 to get things for Grant's room? (groan)
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Monday, 2-1-10 10:37 AM
re: $250.00 Grant
Granted that Grant is worth more than $250, we have been granted a new grant in monetary form. I'll keep my Grant and we will spend the new one.
ROUS  Beth Banham, Monday, 2-1-10 4:31 PM
re: $250.00 Grant
just don't get them mixed up. You'd hate to spend the wrong grant.
ROUS  Mark Franklin, Monday, 2-1-10 4:45 PM
re: $250.00 Grant
Arrgh! The humanity!
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Monday, 2-1-10 5:49 PM
re: $250.00 Grant
Stephanie, Friday, 2-5-10 11:14 PM
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