PowerPoint Class, 4/21
So, much to my surprise it turns out that Mayhem is coming! For many years now we've put the PowerPoint position on the swap list, but those foolish enough to volunteer were left largely on their own to figure out the not-so-straightforward process of getting songs from master file to screen.
Not this time! On Wednesday 4/21 during band practice at the church (that is, roughly 6:30, give or take time for dinner) I will be offering a brief "PowerPoint Demystification" session to anyone who has interest. We will cover using the master file, quickly locating and copying the songs we need, pasting them back into the weekly file without losing the custom background, applying new custom backgrounds, and finally making use of "presenter view." Copies of the master song list will be distributed on CD.
Please let me know if you're interested in participating, and especially if you'd like to learn but cannot make it on 4/21. I am willing to give this class more than once if need be!
By the way, even if you use PowerPoint regularly at school or work, it may be worth your time to come: we do things on Sundays that never come up in business. You could well learn something new!

ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 4-12-10 1:18 PM
re: PowerPoint Class, 4/21
I might be interested in being Geeky for Mayhem
Shelly Laitinen, Monday, 4-12-10 6:19 PM
re: PowerPoint Class, 4/21
I would like to volunteer Steve and Beth Borgstede, David Bowler and Becky Coke.
ROUS  Beth Banham, Monday, 4-12-10 9:55 PM
re: PowerPoint Class, 4/21
Since I was going to volunteer anyway, I'll accept Beth's volunteering on my behalf.
ROUS  David , Thursday, 4-15-10 10:43 AM
PowerPoint Class, 4/21 - Instructions Download
Anyone who is interested in picking up this skill, please feel free to review the document I've created for this class - even if you can't come!
FYI, both the master song file and this document are available under the "Downloads" page, which is itself under the "Stuff" link.
Link: Creating and Presenting Song Slides for Sunday Mor
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 4-21-10 5:02 PM
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