Next movie night: June 5
We're combining it w/ the end-of-Mayhem potluck, which as usual has the theme of "Things That Don't Go Together."
More details on the calendar. Movie is still TBA: anyone with great ideas should post 'em!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 4-30-10 11:53 AM
re: Next movie night: June 5
Lisa and I suggest The Emperor's New Groove. It involves Llamas.
ROUS  Mark Franklin, Friday, 4-30-10 4:53 PM
re: Next movie night: June 5
Oooh...and things are definately not what they should be or should they be? Very mayhem!
Stephanie, Saturday, 5-1-10 10:36 PM
re: Next movie night: June 5
So what are you saying, Mark, that Llamas and Mayhem don't go together? I beg to differ, Llama's go with everything, except maybe potatoes on a plate!
ROUS  Shelly Pond, Tuesday, 5-18-10 6:27 PM
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