Mid-Mayhem Drama schedule
Anyone who is interested in being in a drama on May 9, we will be rehearsing at the church on Wednesday, May 5, at 6:30. Please lemme know if you're planning on coming. Also, for those of you who would prefer to rehearse on the east side (for whatever reason you might have,) we will be rehearsing next week at the Miller Compound on Thursday, May 13, at 6 pm. Again, please let me know in advance if you're planning on coming to that one.
ROUS  Doug Miller, Sunday, 5-2-10 10:05 PM
re: Mid-Mayhem Drama schedule
Doug: if you need bodies, I will participate. If not, I'll stay out!
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 5-3-10 10:52 AM
re: Mid-Mayhem Drama schedule
I'll be at Wednesday Night to practice worship with the women who don't do anything. I'm with Annette- if you need bodies I'm willing but I'd much rather see some new blood give drama a go.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Tuesday, 5-4-10 10:23 PM
re: Mid-Mayhem Drama schedule
Lisa, I tried, but with the extra store I'm overseeing I work late all Thursdays this month and I had to work this Wed. late too. You'll have to rope me in another time- wanted you to know I tried.
ROUS  Beth Borgstede, Wednesday, 5-5-10 9:03 PM
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