Camping at the lake
Hi everybody! It's time again to think about going camping at the lake near Oakridge with our friends here at City's Edge.
Because I need to reserve camp sites and Sam and Saundra need to plan meals we really need to get an idea of about how many people will be coming this year. Please let us know as soon as possible by signing up on the sheet. There are pamphlets at the building as you come in to give you more details on the trip. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
Debbie Day
ROUS  Debbie Day, Wednesday, 6-23-10 12:47 PM
re: Camping at the lake
Can you remind us what the dates are? I will put them on the site calendar!
Annette, Wednesday, 6-23-10 7:30 PM
re: Camping at the lake
OOps. Well, yeah! The plan is for Aug. 6-8.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Wednesday, 6-23-10 10:23 PM
re: Camping at the lake
So far - I know 4 people are going. That means we can plan to have steak, lobster and creme brule(?) If more come - we may have to plan for less expensive - but more "fun" food. Saundra
ROUS  Sandra Wedge, Wednesday, 6-30-10 10:37 PM
re: Camping at the lake
Mark and I are coming. We just keep forgetting to sign the little clip board (We still intend to do so). So add two more lobsters for us.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Friday, 7-2-10 8:54 AM
re: Camping at the lake
6 now!!! Lobster is still in. Saundra
ROUS  Sandra Wedge, Friday, 7-2-10 5:39 PM
re: Camping at the lake
Probably us too (r three and a half rather - no Will that weekend), but not for sure yet. I don't like lobster though. Can I substitute a filet mignon? ;)
Katy, Sunday, 7-4-10 12:10 AM
re: Camping at the lake
Boogy and I are coming. Pretty sure the Ragers (2), Banhams (3) and Bowler are coming too. They can pipe up if I heard wrong. Does that mean no lobster? How about crab & bacon souffle?
ROUS  Beth Borgstede, Tuesday, 7-6-10 11:50 PM
re: Camping at the lake
Just thought I should let you know that the map link to the campground is wrong. I wouldn't want you all to go to Washington while we are in Oregon.
Here is a better map link. The directions on the back of the brochure I passed out at CE works great too.
Link: Packard Creek Camp
Debbie, Sunday, 7-11-10 5:13 PM
re: Camping at the lake
Ok, well, when the map comes up it is blank. Just click "get directions" button and the map will appear. Crazy link, but then I had to construct the map myself. I guess we are going off the grid.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Sunday, 7-11-10 5:20 PM
re: Camping at the lake
Hey - I hear lobster is way over-rated anyway and I have not learned the proper technique for crawdads - so hopefully the latest menu plan will do. Hope to see many, many at the Lake. We are planning to skim around in the fold a boat. Saundra
ROUS  Sandra Wedge, Monday, 7-12-10 10:16 PM
re: Camping at the lake
Thanks for the map warning, Debbie. Google Calendar auto-creates a map link based on whatever you type in the "Location" field, so I cannot really fix it. I did put a warning about the bad link and a link to your accurate map in the event description.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 7-12-10 10:27 PM
re: Camping at the lake - Menu
This is from Saundra. Thanks for all your work!!!

Menu For August Church Camp Out At The Lake

We are planning to have the following available for approximately 35 people. If you want other (or special foods not listed), foods/snacks, drinks/water, you will need to provide it for yourselves. If you want to roast somemores, please bring any extra roasting sticks you may have. Note: We tend to over do, and we plan to bring some snacks  including rice crispy treats and plenty of condiments.
Sam and Saundra

Breakfasts for Saturday and Sunday:

Muffins/bagels  cream cheese, butter, sugar free jelly, jiff crunchy peanut butter

Plain cheerios  frosted mini-wheats, fat free milk/2% milk

(Sunday  will also grill any left sausages not used at dinner)

Coffee, mocha mix, some sugar  hot water and teas (we will make as fast as we can within the limits of the generators ability to toast and brew)



Cold, fried chicken (commercially cooked)
Mega green salad (with lots and lots of stuff)
Johnnys light ranch dressing
Specialty bread that catches our eye
dessert, not yet chosen


Burgers, garden burgers, hot dogs, sausage dogs, regular buns, and condiments galore.
Chips, pasta salad, some fruit
Dessert  If campfire is available, some more makings will be available- make your own. Bring your own banana if you want to make banana wraps (we will have foil). Questions on banana wraps should go to Debbie.


Make your own sandwiches

White and wheat bread
Ham and turkey deli meats
Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese
Condiments, plus olives
Potato salad
Water melon

Left overs. : )

Hopefully, this will help you focus on having a more carefree, fun time at the Lake.

ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 7-12-10 10:31 PM
re: Camping at the lake
just found this discussion link (thanks Bethie) and wanted to make sure that whomever needs to know is "in the know" that the three kids and I are coming - also planning to bring Stacy ElMoussi with us as soon as she get's off work on Fri evening. We signed up on the list - but I don't see any mention of us here.
ROUS  Jeanine Selix, Saturday, 7-31-10 8:08 PM
Camping: Food Info
Anyone not on the CE Google group, here's what Saundra sent out this evening:
Annette kindly posted the menu on the churches web site that we will provide for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Because this is a 'dry camp' experience and the numbers of people, we are limiting hot food options to toasting at breakfast (plus tea and coffee) and Saturday grill, with grilled bratwurst on Sunday am. Please feel free to bring your own equipment/utensils/food, etc. to cook at your own site, but also know you are welcome to take whatever we are offering as well. We also recommend you bring your own water, drinks, favorite snacks for your own snack attacks. We will have plenty of food and will try to have it available when you want it - as long as we get some time on the water. We wish we could to everything for everyone as we appreciate being a part of Citys Edge Church community, but we are limited. Thanks. Love, Saundra and Sam
ROUS  Annette Collins, Sunday, 8-1-10 9:39 PM
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