Hi All,

Luke hurt his eye yesterday at work. He was cutting a cable and it flung
back and went "under" his safety glasses and inside his eyelid and back
out, tearing his cornea.

It was SO painful that when the doctor added a drop to numb it (normally 1
drop per adult is sufficient) it didn't work. It took 10 drops to work so
that they could open his eye. They then put a large contact around the
whole inside and he will be putting antibiotic drops in it.

A friend of his had this happen to him and he had 20/20 but now doesn't
and his eye is slowly getting worse.

I wanted to email and see if we will all keep him in our prayers that God
would give him "complete" healing and full recovery.

Jody, Saturday, 6-26-10 6:39 PM
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