surface thoughts re: possibilities?
I was wondering if City's Edge would consider going Ipod? Sam and I want to resume traveling for a few more short years, but miss City's Edge. I know that the music would not be there - so another CD would be nice : ))). Possible? The other surface wonder was if the planned speaker could be added to the events calendar? Totally surface issues. Although the surface is pretty deep for me.
Saundra Wedge, Saturday, 8-14-10 1:31 PM
re: surface thoughts re: possibilities?
We've had several conversations about the potential for recording and presumably posting / pod-casting our services, but no-one has quite made it happen yet. It may be time to have another chat between the primary A/V geeks! :)
As to the speaker-on-the-calendar potential, I'm all for it - as long as I don't have to maintain it! ;)
(Seriously, lots of people who are not me have calendar access. And I've found that I simply do not set myself up for success when I expect to do a task like that weekly!)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 8-17-10 5:14 PM
re: surface thoughts re: possibilities?
This totally makes sense. I am going to miss hearing our church while we are gone. Thanks for responding Annette.
ROUS  Sandra Wedge, Friday, 10-8-10 8:41 AM
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