NEEDED: Home immediatly for Jen & Jason's dog
Wolf Hybrid / German Shepard - Must find new home this week - FREE

We have had our Wolf Hybrid / German Shepard for about 8 years, since he was a 3 and really don't want to see him go. We are moving and must find a new home for him by September 10th. It breaks our family's hearts to know we can't keep him, he is such a great loving dog. We would like to have the next owner be someone who is looking for a true man's best friend. He is the best guy, he is so smart and lets you know when someone is approaching and also gives the most love you could ever want. He is a big dog, but just wants attention. He's super gentle and well trained, he has been trained to only bark to warn and of course he is potty trained.

We have a baby and 2 teenagers and he absolutely loves them. We also have alot of friends and he has never made any notion towards any type of aggression towards anyone. He loves to meet new people, but is smart enough to know who doesn't belong in the home.

If you have other dogs, it might work out for him but we worry about trying to put him in another home with male dogs as he is territorial given his Wolf instincts. He does great with cats though male or female.

If you are looking for the best companion, then he is the one. If you would like to meet him please call Jasen at 503-875-5404. We are only accepting serious inquires.

Even if you aren't interested and know someone that would be willing to offer him a new home, please have them call. Thank you for your help with our best friend.

ROUS  Jody DeRosso, Tuesday, 9-14-10 8:38 PM
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