Web Reminders
Hmmm... was that a tumbleweed that just blew through?
Where'd everyone go? Facebook?! ;)

In any case, since this message looks like it should stay on top of the stack for a while, I thought I would remind everyone of a few things about the site that tend to be confusing.

1) You don't have to log in to post messages or comments. (I am not logged in myself just now!)
You DO have to be logged in to post Links or any sort of embedded content. If you try it without being logged in, your message will be hidden until one of the moderators clears it.

2) You do have to log in to view the Directory, which is under the "People" tab.

3) If you do not have a user ID and password, or have forgotten either one, please contact me (Annette) at webmaster@citysedge.org and I will set you up.
Annette, Monday, 12-20-10 8:50 PM
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