Laugh your way to a better marriage
For those of you who are planing on coming to the marriage seminar and are not yet signed up. You need to do it right away! There is a minimum number we need to have pre-registered or we won't be able to go ahead with the event.

This is the event that Brian and Stacy talked about the last two Sundays. It should be a ton of fun!

Join us May 20-21.
Find more information and purchase tickets for this hilarious marriage seminar on the website. Just follow the link!
Link: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage in Beaverton,
ROUS  Debbie Day, Monday, 5-9-11 1:09 PM
re: Laugh your way to a better marriage
I went to the web-site to sign up. It clearly says that all sales are final.... no refunds. So, I hate to pay for it if City's Edge doesn't have enough people to attend.

Any thoughts????
Amy, Monday, 5-16-11 8:56 AM
re: Laugh your way to a better marriage
It has this contact phone number why don't you call and ask them.
Debbie, Monday, 5-16-11 3:11 PM
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