At Last! Podcasts!
So it's come to our attention that sometimes people miss the sermons at Church. The excuses are many and varied: "I had to teach Sunday School!" "I had to hide my crying child in the lobby / car / next county!" "I had a bad cold / the flu / diphtheria!" "I stayed up 'til 5 am reading a fantasy novel and then slept through my alarm!"

If you fall into the last category, please quit reading now: you're on your own! But if you find yourself with any of the Valid excuses, you may be pleased to hear that at long last, after Years of saying vaguely "you know, we ought to record some of this stuff," well, we're finally recording some of this stuff!

You may find our very first Podcast under a brand new top menu item called - you guessed it - "Podcasts."

This is not meant to imply that you need an iPod to listen, of course. All you really have to do is click the link and it'll open and play in a new window. Alternately, you can right-click the link and chose "Save" (your options may differ slightly depending on your browser) to download to your computer. Then open it with the program of your preference, transfer it to your portable player of preference, run it through the editor of your preference and mix it with old tunes from Lawrence Welk... honestly, the sky's the limit.

We're definitely in the trial-and-error phase of this project, and there Will be errors. So let us (Annette, for now) know if you're having trouble.

I also feel compelled to offer this minor disclaimer: we're not doing ANY editing. The clicks, bursts of static or feedback, crying children, awkward pauses, and etc. are all as they happened in real life. Think of them as adding an air of verisimilitude to your virtual experience...

Last but not least, for the moment these recordings are limited to the sermon portion of the service. We'll try to start with the scripture reading and go from there, although we may miss it at times.
Link: City's Edge Podcasts
ROUS  Annette Collins, Sunday, 2-26-12 10:21 PM
re: At Last! Podcasts!
So great! It's amazing how hearing the first 5 minutes can make the rest of the sermon make more sense.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Tuesday, 2-28-12 5:42 PM
re: At Last! Podcasts!
I am a little weepy here. We are so very excited to be with our home church - even when we are not home. So very much appreciated!! Love you all and thanks to everyone who was able to get this going. Just think, I will get a second chance to hear the messages and the music. OK! I can hear you now! Oh and now too! Love, Sam and Saundra
ROUS  Sandra Wedge, Sunday, 3-4-12 7:36 PM
re: At Last! Podcasts!
Great job Annette! You totally rock!
ROUS  Debbie Day, Sunday, 3-4-12 9:58 PM
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