Advantages of being short
Just another one of the advantages of being short - apparently it can help you avoid prison sentences. Thoughts?
David, Thursday, 5-25-06 11:11 AM
re: Advantages of being short
Follow-on article about the person avoiding prison because he's short. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this is a little out there.
David, Friday, 5-26-06 3:52 PM
re: Advantages of being short
This is so utterly and mindnumbingly asinine that it defies further comment. I'd expect to see this in The Onion, not AP.

Now, if anyone needs me I'll be out robbing a bank.
Short Person, Tuesday, 5-30-06 12:20 PM
re: Advantages of being short
So, Annette, how much did you get from the bank?
David, Tuesday, 5-30-06 1:04 PM
re: Advantages of being short
Hey - enough with the robbing the bank jokes!
Stephanie, Saturday, 7-29-06 2:42 PM
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