Mercy Corps Site - help Indonessian Earthquake
Here's an excerpt from the Mercy Corps e-mail I received this morning:

Thousands of survivors from Saturday's earthquake in Indonesia are injured, homeless and grieving for lives lost. Mercy Corps is in the most affected villages on the island of Java, rushing rapid relief to those in need.

Our emergency response team is providing families whose homes were destroyed with "survival kits" that contain tarpaulins, blankets and hygiene products. Temporary shelter is one of the most important issues in the aftermath of the earthquake, which killed almost 5,700 people and left 200,000 without homes.

Mercy Corps in working in four villages around the devastated city of Bantul. The agency expects to serve more than 25,000 survivors in the near-term, then continue to assist families as they rebuild their homes and lives.

Mercy Corps is a very reputable, efficient Christian charity that I have given to on many occasions. If anyone feels lead to help with the aftereffects of the weekends' earthquake, I highly recommend them. Northwest Medical Teams is another good (and even more efficient in terms of overhead) organization to consider.
Link: Mercy Corps
Annette, Tuesday, 5-30-06 12:12 PM
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