A new inspirational science fiction novel.
“The Guild”
The Guild was there and it was always there.
The Guild is the result of the world going into the dark ages and a group of scientists, theologians, and philosophers that formed a secret society to preserve knowledge. The First Caste is the adversary of the The Guild. War is eminent between the two.
The book is set in contemporary times. The main character is Michael, and a very special and unique woman named Jane. The longer Michael spends time with Jane the more he realizes there is something very different about her and her family. He learns that she is part of a secret society, a society that he will join.
The Guild is always cautious and preparing for any type of attack that may come. The society is close and they all look out for each other. As Michael and Jane’s relationship grows a war breaks out between the two groups. Native Americans from Northern Michigan give the guild the upper hand and play a key role in the conflict in the book. Michael and Jane both get caught up in the war.
The book portrays The Guild, the protagonists, as Christians. The contrast is between the Christians and those with humanist world views, The First Caste.

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Link: The International Guild
Doug, Tuesday, 5-30-06 1:00 PM
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