Dinner @ Sarah and Tristan's
These are very approximate directions. Anyone with an exact address is encouraged to reply.
From Hwy. 26, take the Cornell/Bethany exit and head north on Bethany
Turn right on Springville Rd (at a stop sign, after passing Bethany food/shopping area)
Turn right on Wenmarie Dr (~4th or so road on right)
Go past two turning options and their house is on the left

Not knowing the actual address makes it hard to identify the house, but David B will attempt to park his car either directly across from their house or in the driveway.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 5-31-06 3:16 PM
re: Dinner @ Sarah and Tristan's
The address is:
6496 NW Wenmarie Dr.
Portland, OR
ROUS  David , Wednesday, 5-31-06 5:27 PM
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