Some people in our group seem to be challenged with an inability to keep their foot from heavily depressing on the accelerator. For just such people, there's a new invention, though it's being tried in London and probably won't get here for a long time (if ever).
Link: http://msn-cnet.com.com/A+car+that+slows+you+down/
ROUS  David , Thursday, 6-1-06 5:36 PM
re: Speeding
Hmm... the first thing that occurs to me is that I don't want my car to suddenly decide I can't go 65 in a 55 when I hit the gas. What if I am trying to pass someone - potentially even in the wrong lane? Or get around someone who's merging? Or avoid someone else who is speeding? Or do anything requiring a sudden but short-term burst of speed? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 6-1-06 6:17 PM
re: Speeding
that's why we should all just ride bikes or scooters.
ben, Tuesday, 6-6-06 3:50 PM
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