Valedictorian's Diploma Held
Article describes a Colorado Springs student who committed the egregious error of explicitly mentioning her faith in an evangelical manner during her valedictory speech.
The principle wants her to e-mail all the school's parents with a disclaimer and apology, and won't give her the diploma she earned until she does.

Glad to know we still have first ammendment rights in this country. Anyone want to guess what would have happened to this student if she'd merely come out of the closet?
Link: Graduate's Diploma Held After She Speaks About Her
Annette, Thursday, 6-8-06 11:32 AM
re: Valedictorian's Diploma Held
Different valedictorian, similar situation. This one's mic was cut when she began to explicitly mention her faith during her speech. She's suing.
Link: Validictorian sues
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 7-17-06 10:35 AM
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