Ernst Schrupp - Help me, you tech savvy braniacs!
Can anyone find out anything about this man "auf Englisch, bitte"? I was reading about him but know only enough German to peak my interest and cause minor frustration. All I know is that he was a captain for the Germans in the second world war turned evangelical writer, I think, but all the resources I can find are "auf Deutsch". Der Kopf tut mir weh wenn ich nur Deutsch lesen muessen! (My head hurts if I have to read only German)

Link: Ernst Schrupp
Katy, Monday, 6-19-06 12:26 PM
re: Ernst Schrupp - Help me, you tech savvy braniacs!
I mis-spelled "brainiacs". The horror, the horror...
Katy, Monday, 6-19-06 12:27 PM
re: Ernst Schrupp - Help me, you tech savvy braniacs!
Well, there doesn't seem to be much English stuff out there about the guy. You can always try and wade through the electronic translation below.
Although it doesn't say much more than you just did.
Ernst rough completed before that 2. World war commercial training. During the war it was heavily wounded. After its recovery - reported in such a way rough in its life memories - praised it to put to God its further life at the disposal.
Ernst rough studied Evangelist theology and already 1948 as a lecturer to the Bible school Wiedenest one appointed. In the year 1959 he transferred also their line, which he held up to the year 1980.
[Work on]
Numerous evangelikale works and unions of the post-war period decrease/go back to initiatives and impulses Ernst Schrupps. In addition belong the student mission in Germany (SMD), the working group of evangelikaler missions (AEM), the gospel broadcast (ERF) and the Evangelist press agency idea. Also the EH-gelistic large-scale project euro 70 with the EH gelists Billy Graham decreased/went back to its initiative as a member of the governing board of the Evangelist alliance and became the model of similar projects and of the 90's 80's 20. Century.
Ernst rough belonged konfessionell to the brother movement, his view went however the always very far beyond borders of his own church community. “Its desire was to be strengthened it” - so the Bible school Wiedenest in a ring-back signal - “the unit among Christians to represent over the common order for mission effectively and reliably.” A special interest Ernst Schrupps applied also for history and the presence of the people Israel.
Link: Translated Wikipedia page
Annette, Monday, 6-19-06 6:47 PM
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