"Awesome God" lyrics deemed "Too Violent"
In brief, a little New Jersey girl who wanted to sing Rich Mullin's "Awesome God" for her school talent show was told she could not because the lyrics were "too graphic and violent."
Link: "Awesome God" Censored
Annette, Wednesday, 6-21-06 10:50 AM
they should put this principal at the head of the US cencorship department. it would be nothing but elevator music and no TV or video games!
ben, Wednesday, 6-21-06 12:04 PM
Can't help but laugh here
I love it when I see my adversaries making such idiots of themselves, granting the famous prayer (O Lord, please make mine enemies ridiculous) :->

In the scheme of things, what songs are sung at a talent show is relatively insignificant, compared to, say, what world view informs the choice of textbooks used at the school in question. But such decisions inspire the wrath of the parents and even disinterested parties powerfully, particularly when they appear to be a pattern of behavior. Such wrath simply hastens the day when the public school system slides into its equilibrium state (i.e., a few magnet schools and special education and not much else) by weakening the public affection for the school system. I recall when I was younger, polite folks were expected to at least profess publically a reverence for the school system but it has steadily bled away its support through foolishness like this action and the spate of restrictions on valedictorian speeches.
Such an irony really---the little girl is "standing up to the man"---last I checked, that makes one "cool" by way of being rebellious, does it not? :->

Perhaps we should encourage more folks to take actions like this, and hope God hardens the hearts of more school officials, for every time they act in such a fashion, their public image just sinks lower, and lower, and lower ....
David C, Thursday, 6-22-06 1:39 AM
Can't help but cry here
Oh, wait, I guess I don't cry over this. That said...

I really see no reason to encourage movement towards what you call the equilibrium state. I think most of the issues currently blamed on poor schools are actually the fault of uninvolved parents, and larger social issues. The only fundamental benefit of moving away from public schools is the elimination of PC-inspired constraints. However, if the private schools really do see the growth you expect, I expect the same PC-inspired constraints will be imposed, either by law or by policy, in the private schools.

Who wins by the image of public schools being lowered? No one in this country.
David, Thursday, 6-22-06 6:02 PM
I don't think there's ever a desire to encourage movement toward the equilibrium state. In this country public education is the only option for many kids. My thoughts are that the public schools of today become more and more like the poorhouses of the 1700s as opportunities for quality education are moved out of reach of the average kid, and in turn, chances for a decent job. Interestingly enough, some very influential disciples of Christ revolutionized the poorhouses in England when they realized that what was needed there was the gospel. It's sad that we think the good news has been removed from education and there's not much we can do about it. I still think there is a lot that can be done - but not without risk. And I applaud those kids that are willing to take risks and stand up for faith and truth. Maybe we should encourage teachers, students, and parents that their quest for quality education is not hopeless, but that a godless quest for quality education is leading toward destruction.
The danger is to become focused on fixing the institution or else removing ourselves completely from it - in order to create a secure place for ourselves and our children, forgetting that these institutions are made up of people who need our help and prayer and deserve our best efforts.
I know it's a little preachy. Please endure. Someday I hope to be part of the solution, not just talk about it...
Katy, Monday, 6-26-06 12:48 AM
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