Got baby?
Mya Grace Sunderlin was born this morning. Here's the stats:

7 lbs, 3 oz.
20 1/2"

Mother & baby are doing well. Turns out even Kyle is doing well -- which was probably the biggest question going in. :)

On an unrelated note (or is it?), happy 30th to Annette!
Zach, Thursday, 7-20-06 11:42 AM
re: Got baby?
Birth was at 9:03 a.m. Kyle said the whole thing was pretty quick and easy. Kim has a different view on things.
David, Thursday, 7-20-06 12:16 PM
re: Got baby?
That's fantastic! So when are they moving back down here?
ben, Thursday, 7-20-06 3:32 PM
re: Got baby?
It makes sense that Kim might have a different view :-)

Stephanie, Thursday, 7-20-06 4:47 PM
re: Got baby?
Do they know that we are expecting a baby? look out, it's babies eveywhere. i hear that it's highly contagious. no one is safe!
ben, Friday, 7-21-06 2:35 PM
re: Got baby?
I'm not thinking I'll be coming down this anytime soon.
David, Saturday, 7-22-06 5:37 PM
re: Got baby?
Look, Dan, Ben and Stephanie live very close to each other indeed and they still communicate via the website...
Katy, Monday, 7-24-06 1:11 AM
re: Got baby?
Maybe. I'll be more convinced of the equivalance to your situation when I see posts from Ben to Steph that read, "Hey honey, have you seen my car keys?" or "Were you saving the bacon in the fridge, or can I go ahead and eat it?"

Things like that.
Dan, Monday, 7-24-06 3:54 PM
re: Got baby?
Sorry, Katy, it's not the same thing at all. Ben and Stephanie were communicating with the larger group, not with each other. It's just you and Annette that live so close and use this to communicate with each other.
David, Tuesday, 7-25-06 10:02 AM
re: Got baby?
Hey honey - can I have the last pizza in the freezer?
Stephanie, Friday, 7-28-06 3:36 PM
re: Got baby?
Stephanie, you know you're just doing that for the purpose of letting Annette/Katy off the hook. Thus, it doesn't count.
David, Friday, 7-28-06 3:59 PM
re: Got baby?
as long as i get the last yogurt! when are the sunderlins coming down?
ben, Friday, 7-28-06 4:12 PM
re: Got baby?
I think they are coming down on Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm going to swim class tonight so I'll be home around 8-ish.
Stephanie, Friday, 7-28-06 6:38 PM
re: Got baby?
It does too count!
Stephanie, Friday, 7-28-06 6:38 PM
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