Hawaii is wonderful
Annette and I send our love to you all from mostly sunny (and occasionally tropically downpouring) Honolulu.

See you all after the 21st.

Annette says she hopes that the Powerpoint is working well.

Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Wednesday, 1-10-07 10:33 PM
re: Hawaii is wonderful
powerpoint went well the first week. glad to hear the weather is treating you well. bring some sun back, ok? we've only got "fake snow" over here.
Christina, Wednesday, 1-10-07 11:09 PM
re: Hawaii is wonderful
There was sun today, creating the ideal mix - sun in the sky and snow on the ground. As for PowerPoint, I haven't decided which way to go with it for this week...
David, Thursday, 1-11-07 3:53 PM
re: Hawaii is wonderful
Here are some shots of Hawaii on my Flickr site. Enjoy!
Polynesian Fire Dance
Annette, Saturday, 1-13-07 7:00 PM
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