City's Edge Google Group list?
What do you guys think about having a Google Group mailing list for City's Edge? It wouldn't be a replacement for the current use of the message boards. We could use it for things that should go out to everyone, such as contact lists and event reminders. The beauty of a Google Group is that anyone in the group can send to it.

I was thinking about setting one up, since we don't have one yet. What do you think?

I have taken the liberty to create it, but if the idea doesn't fly we don't have to use it...
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Friday, 3-16-07 12:11 PM
re: City's Edge Google Group list?
I like it. I forget all sorts of stuff. And if I ever manage to get a reliable internet connection I'll use it too.
LIsa, Saturday, 3-17-07 12:18 PM
re: City's Edge Google Group list?
I think that would be awesome. Thank you.
Cindy Sabin, Wednesday, 3-28-07 7:40 PM
re: City's Edge Google Group list?
once i finish the project of the new fliers for the church tables, i'll start on the contact list and email list. Look for the first draft of the directory on the back table, and update your information there. Hopefully I will have that ready in about two weeks.
christina, Wednesday, 3-28-07 11:03 PM
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