Roy's Surgery
Roy Sabin had his surgery on Monday. He asked me to go ahead and let you know that he is doing ok.

Roy was in surgery for three hours. He was in recovery for two hours while they tried to get his oxygen level up and breathe regularly. He is glad it is over. He now has 5 holes in his chest. He is on a liquid diet until he sees the doctor next week. Then he slowly moves up to soft foods by week 4. They pulled part of his stomach up to repair his esophagus. It didn't go as well as the doctor had hoped. The scarring was more extensive than they thought. They are hopeful that the surgery today will repair it. Only time will tell.

Thank you for all your thoughts as prayers as he heals over the next month.
Cindy Sabin, Wednesday, 3-28-07 7:36 PM
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