OnlineCasino Vorsicht geboten
[It's Gone]
MESSAGE, Saturday, 4-28-07 4:18 AM
re: OnlineCasino Vorsicht geboten
SPAM!!! (can anyone translate that into german for me?)
christina, Saturday, 4-28-07 11:18 AM
re: OnlineCasino Vorsicht geboten
It says something about not letting happen to you what happened to the poor chap who posted the message.
Perhaps he means "getting one's post deleted from the board Yet Again!"
Annette, Saturday, 4-28-07 4:24 PM
re: OnlineCasino Vorsicht geboten
poor poor chap
Christina, Sunday, 4-29-07 10:38 AM
re: OnlineCasino Vorsicht geboten
Persistent, though. I'll hand him that. Not too bright, but persistent.
Anyone watching: please note that messages bearing links not from an ROUS will almost certainly be deleted unless I am terribly confident that I know who posted them. Fair warning! :)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Sunday, 4-29-07 8:05 PM
re: OnlineCasino Vorsicht geboten
oh, and i was actually asking for "Spam" to be translated into german! :-)

(this is not a bot. don't delete me!)
christina, Monday, 4-30-07 1:02 AM
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