God in Las Vegas
Two things. (1) Sorry, posting as a logged in user is broken at the moment. That's my excuse for the lack of "ROUS" by my name. This is entirely my fault: lacking a dev environment or good QA process, I end up testing in production - and that not well enough. I didn't even find the bug until Zach stumbled accross it last night. Anticipated fix is this evening after the Bible study.

(2) Interesting article below regarding churches and ministries in Las Vegas. Gives you some points to ponder when you consider the similarities between Rev. Wilhite's congregation and the people Jesus sought out while he was on earth.
Link: God is in Las Vegas
Annette, Monday, 5-7-07 11:06 AM
re: God in Las Vegas
I don't know if I trust this link....
David, Monday, 5-7-07 2:07 PM
re: God in Las Vegas
how can we be sure this is even THE annette we know and love? maybe its another annette. maybe this annette's last name is really MESSAGE.

i want photo ID.
christina, Monday, 5-7-07 5:08 PM
re: God in Las Vegas

OK, OK, I get the point! Posting while logged in has been repaired. Here's the link again.
This has all been an elaborate test to see if you were really paying attention to ROUSs or not. You win!
Link: God in Las Vegas
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 5-7-07 7:12 PM
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