Short Falwell Bio piece from Newsweek
Some interesting bits of history here.
I've never researched the guy, although what the referenced article says about him falling to the level of self-parody in recent years is roughly the feeling I've had about him. It is interesting to see how he helped jolt Christians out of their home and back to the polls and halls of power, though.
What do you think?
Link: Falwells Influence
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 5-16-07 8:52 AM
re: Short Falwell Bio piece from Newsweek
Honestly. I think Falwell did a lot of damage over his lifetime.
Chris, Wednesday, 5-16-07 11:36 AM
re: Short Falwell Bio piece from Newsweek
I think that any time Christians are tried in the press, we lose. We do much better spreading the word one on one so that people can see the integrity of our actions and our attitude. Then they find it much harder to question our motives.
Debbie Day, Wednesday, 5-30-07 2:28 PM
re: Short Falwell Bio piece from Newsweek
This is how Christians should be displayed in the media. (Mr. Rogers)

Unlike Falwell, Mr. Rogers was almost always spoken highly of.

Just food for thought. Actions speak louder then words.
Chris S, Friday, 6-1-07 4:58 PM
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