Please Pray for Vida
My Sister-in-law's Grandma was taken to the hospital today with dizziness and related symptoms. They did tests and wanted to keep her for observation, but she refused and went home. No diagnosis yet, but she's old, so it's sorta scary. Carlena would appreciate your prayers. Grandma's name is Vida.

Annette, Tuesday, 6-5-07 9:15 PM
re: Please Pray for Vida
Praying, Annette. Please let me know what happens.
Katy, Sunday, 6-10-07 4:52 AM
re: Please Pray for Vida
Thank you.
Haven't gotten a very informational update, of late, just that the problem is heart related and that she's not willing to stay in the hospital. She's in her mid-to-late 70's, and it's possible her time has come. I will update the conversation when I know more.
Annette, Sunday, 6-10-07 7:37 PM
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