City's Edge mailing list
Hello! I have set up the City's Edge mailing list through Google groups.

A few notes about this:
-- If you weren't included but want to be, email me.
-- If you don't want to be included, please email me back and I'll take you off.
-- If you want to use a different address, email me and we can arrange that, too.
-- If you know of others who would want to be included, email me and I'll add them.

To use:
The email address for this list is and anything sent to that email address will go out to everyone on the list. Anybody on the list can send to it, but on the flip side, people who are not on the list cannot send to or see the messages on the web. This should be a good thing because it will not be accessible to spammers.

Please add to your list of safe addresses so it doesn't go to spam.

There are four types of subscriptions:
1- No email - Web-only participation
2- Send email for each message and update
3- One summary email a day
4- One email with all activity in it

I have defaulted everyone to get option #2. You are free to change this at any time. #1 is useful if you go out of town and want to stop delivery for a while. If you need help with that, email me. I can set it for you, or show you how to change your settings for yourself.

You can always see the history of the messages by going to the website. That means even if you delete a message from your inbox, it'll always be stored here:

I think that's all for now. Have at it!

Oh, one more thing! Please don't post your contact information here on the website. Our forums are are open to the wide world of the internet. Please email me directly at:

creagan at gmail dot com
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 6-12-07 5:08 PM
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