Play Ball! July 8th
Hi Guys!

My credit union has The Fred Meyer Family Fun box at PGE park for the Beavers on Sunday July 8th and I can bring whoever would be interested. Next to the box is a bunch of inflatable toys for the kids to play on. Game starts at 2:05PM and most of us are taking the max.

Cost - a measy $13.00 per head. If you are interested in going please let me know by Sunday and bring a check to church made payable to yours truly if you'd like to go.

If it makes a difference, Zach, Wills, The Bowens and the Richards have already confirmed they are going...

Questions? Call 503-754-7221

Stephanie Richards, Friday, 6-29-07 1:52 PM
re: Play Ball! July 8th
sounds like fun! i'll go!
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Friday, 6-29-07 3:28 PM
re: Play Ball! July 8th
Stephanie, Saturday, 6-30-07 11:14 AM
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