Shirts for Limbs
Hey all!

I want to pass on to you a little bit about a friend of a friend, Tarver. This is the very short version. When he was a kid, he was hit with a power line and has always had problems with his left leg. He finally allowed doctors to amputate his leg, but insurance doesn't cover an artificial limb. So he's trying to raise the $40,000 he needs for a new leg.

He's raising money by selling tshirts that say "This shirt bought Tarver a leg". Once he is able to afford his own, he wants to continue helping others who had to have their limbs amputated.

Below is the youtube video of the news spot they did on him. I've also included the link to his website/blog.

Link: Tarver's website and blog
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 7-2-07 4:26 PM
re: Shirts for Limbs
There was a really good turnout last night at the Horse Brass pub. I showed up an hour after he'd set up the table and he'd already made $1k. Not sure if that was net profit or just that he'd sold 40 t-shirts. All told he made $2724 in just the one night. It was really fun to walk in and see This Shirt Bought Tarver a Leg shirts dotting almost every table and the wait staff plus people watching those who came after us to buy shirts. :)

Though I'm debating about dying mine since I'm not a huge fan of white t-shirts personally.
Amber, Monday, 7-2-07 4:49 PM
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