Whitelist, Graylist, Blacklist
You may be starting to notice a few changes around here, and I want to clue you in even though I'm not done so we don't have mass confusion during the transition period.
As of last night, anyone who posts a message while not logged in from an IP not already "registered" as legit will have their message "graylisted." Graylisted messages are not viewable by standard users. Instead, the phrase "post pending moderator approval" appears.
This is where you Moderators come in. For now, Zach, Christina and myself are moderators. There may be a couple others of you, but I don't remember who. Anyway, those people can see any graylisted messages, and they have the option to whitelist or blacklist them. Once whitelisted, future messages posted from that IP will be automatically whitelisted.

Here's where the "not quite done yet" comes in:
The blacklist function isn't working at all, and the whitelist function only works for the first message in a string.
I can work around these problems for the moment, so Moderators, don't panic: I'll be by in a bit to clean up.
And I will fix this "for real" within the next week, I hope!

And ordinary users: if you post something and shows up with the greylisted status, feel free to drop one of the moderators a line and they'll come by and whitelist it when they get a moment. Don't re-post: it won't help. Unless, of course, you re-post after logging in. Logged in users still have a free pass. But then we'll have duplicate messages, so consider that too! :)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 7-3-07 10:42 AM
re: Whitelist, Graylist, Blacklist
I am generally available for moderation help in many forms of contact, except for smoke signals and morse code.
Link: Directory where my info is
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 7-3-07 12:08 PM
re: Whitelist, Graylist, Blacklist
Everything, including whitelisting and blacklisting, works now. I don't think moderators will be allowed to delete posts, even though the link appears. Blacklist instead.
Ask me if anything breaks.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Saturday, 7-7-07 10:17 PM
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