And Now for Something Completely Ridiculous
Excerpt: MESA, Ariz. (AP) — School officials suspended a 13-year-old boy for sketching what looked like a gun, saying the action posed a threat to his classmates.

I just hope that the thought police aren't going through my work notebooks: I drew one just today, wielded by a cute and lovable little alien on a hover board...

Honestly, I am trying to figure out under what possible circumstances I would see a Drawing as a threat! For goodness sake, I remember back in 5th grade around the end of October that it was suddenly all the rage in Mr. Sheets' classroom to draw pictures of spooky graveyards with your classmates' names on the markers. (This didn't go over well with all classmates, but that's a different story.) I suppose in today's world that would be seen as an outright, prosecutable death threat?

Not to go off on a tangent, but I wonder if some of the lure of books like Harry Potter (just finished DH last night, so it's on the brain) is that they allow children to be exposed to Real danger. Potions that might blow up, brooms that can actually be fallen off of, wands that might emit something more harmful than paper flowers. Evil that might threaten your entire school. And the kids get to help stop it, not get prosecuted for having an unhealthy obsession with weapons...

Link: Boy Suspended for Drawing a Gun
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 8-22-07 4:18 PM
re: And Now for Something Completely Ridiculous
next they are going to start banning camoflage clothing...
ben, Wednesday, 8-22-07 4:47 PM
re: And Now for Something Completely Ridiculous
They should suspend the school officials for posing a threat to common sense.
zach, Wednesday, 8-22-07 4:53 PM
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