Wednesday Night?
So...Where was Wednesday going to be again?

I had to tidy up for company and can't find what I wrote it down on.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Tuesday, 10-16-07 4:13 PM
re: Wednesday Night?
According to my records, their address is:
18438 Sandpiper Circle
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

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Link: Link to Jason & Amy Bowen's house on Google Maps
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 10-16-07 6:04 PM
re: Wednesday Night?
Also, just a reminder to anyone who's coming that it's a potluck.
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Tuesday, 10-16-07 7:02 PM
re: Wednesday Night?
Thanks Zach and Christina... yes it is potluck. Our home phone is 503-684-7832 if anyone gets lost.

Oh, and we only have enough chairs to sit 11 people so, if anyone happens to have folding chairs then please do bring them.
Amy, Tuesday, 10-16-07 8:02 PM
re: Wednesday Night?
i'm ok with the floor. :-)
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 10-17-07 11:40 AM
re: Wednesday Night?
I have 4 folding chairs I will bring them. Thanks.
ROUS  Debbie Day, Wednesday, 10-17-07 12:51 PM
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