Proposed New Site Layout
Had some discussions about whether or not the time had come to upgrade our beloved orange-and-yellow site layout. I'd been thinking about doing so recently, so I took the afternoon to put together a possible improvement.
Follow the link below to see a static mock up of our home page with the new layout. Comments are welcome. At some point in the not too distant future I may propose a second alternative and hold a vote - but no promises. If there's a ton of positive feedback on the one I've got, I may just go forward with it. Let me know.

(Note: the yellow backgrounds appearing in the left nav would not be part of the final product. Hover over them and they'll go away. I just ran out of energy for rooting them out for this mock-up.)
Link: New Layout
Annette, Sunday, 11-4-07 7:33 PM
re: Proposed New Site Layout
first i would have to argue that its not the layout that's changed, but the color scheme. i think that's what you meant, though. :-)

i think your proposed color scheme is pretty good. i have no complaints. green (and blue) are some of my favorite colors. call me a hippie.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 11-5-07 12:57 AM
re: Proposed New Site Layout
Details, details!
Yes, you're right: I didn't change the layout, unless you count adding 20-30 pixels of height to the top menu bar. ;)
It's more of a new paint job than a true remodel.
I may add an upcoming birthdays section to the home page, though.
Annette, Monday, 11-5-07 11:32 AM
re: Proposed New Site Layout
i guess that means that at some time you and i actually need to put some time in on the data entry for the online directory, huh?
slacker-christina, Monday, 11-5-07 11:41 AM
re: Proposed New Site Layout
I like the pictures on the top! Also, I'm a fan of the greens, I think it looks good!
zach, Monday, 11-5-07 12:44 PM
re: Proposed New Site Layout
I like it! I also want you to notice that I am posting something. I'm looking for affirmation for my attempts to be like the geeks at CE that I so deeply admire.
Beth, Tuesday, 11-6-07 5:44 PM
re: Proposed New Site Layout
Beth, we love you and we accept you. C'mere for a biiig hug!
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 11-6-07 6:32 PM
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