retreat travel plans
1) Can we get directions to the beach house here?

2) I will most likely be driving by myself. While it will probably be difficult to connect in order to drive bodies (except for Dave, who I offered but may not need me), I WILL most certainly have room for Stuff. If you would like me to relieve you of some of your excess Stuff, let me know. Maybe you can bring it by my work on Thursday, or we can make other arrangements.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 11-5-07 10:25 AM
re: retreat travel plans
The map is linked to the Event. It's a nice PDF from the Twin Rocks site. There are also written directions.
Annette, Monday, 11-5-07 11:29 AM
re: retreat travel plans
for those (like me) who like the interactive version:

View Larger Map
Link: Link to map on Google
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Monday, 11-5-07 12:42 PM
re: retreat travel plans
I noticed that when I asked for driving directions, it suggested taking Hwy 26 out and then heading south on 56 about the time you get to Saddle Mountain. This is 80-some miles from my place, and a bit over 2 hours.
I dragged the route line around to get the route I usually take, which is Hwy 6 (diverges from 26 a few miles West of us) all the way to Tillamook. Even Google admits that this is a shorter and possibly faster route.
The link is below. It starts from my address, but I am sure you can figure out how to adapt. :) I also included the optional "shortcut" on Wilson River Loop - a right turn off Hwy 6 a few miles before Tillamook. It delivers you to 101 just before the cheese factory. This does not save much distance, but it does save a potential slog through downtown Tillamook where there Could be congestion.
Link: Hwy 6-based route
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 11-7-07 11:51 AM
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