Romania Quiz
I thought it might be fun and scary, to find out how much you all know about the country where I live. I took this quiz and passed, but not with flying colors. It's not very many questions and two of them are about vampires, so that's kind of annoying, but still. It's "distractiv" as we say here in Romania (this means fun).
Also please pray for the Romanian elections that are happening tomorrow here. Romania is voting on their voting system and also selecting their delegates and party in the European Parliament. No one usually cares and shows up to vote for these elections because it turns out the EP is just as out of touch with the people as our government (sorry patriots), but in Romania it's different. There's actually some interest.
Link: Romania? Huh?
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Saturday, 11-24-07 7:01 AM
re: Romania Quiz
I flunked. Sorry, Katy! I now know that being a third son of a third son is perfectly safe as far as vampirism goes.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Sunday, 11-25-07 7:07 PM
re: Romania Quiz
I passed, barely! I'm afraid to know what would've happened if I'd failed. :)
ROUS  Zach Brumbelow, Monday, 11-26-07 10:56 AM
re: Romania Quiz
Okay, I passed. Not sure how I did it. I did know that "Ricardo" doesn't sound particularly Romanian . . .
ROUS  Dan Banham, Monday, 11-26-07 4:50 PM
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