Sunday Signups 12-30-07
Just a thought... that multiple people should sign up or do a potluck as many of us will bring guests especially with the kids doing the Christmas pagent.

You can count on us to do SOME food.
Amy, Wednesday, 11-28-07 5:18 PM
re: Sunday Signups 12-30-07
Ok so I just realized that this isn't when the Christmas pagent is.

But I won't have time to do all the food so, I will do SOME food.

Anyone else want to team up with me on this?
Amy, Thursday, 11-29-07 6:53 PM
re: Sunday Signups 12-30-07
I'll play ball :-)
ROUS  Stephanie Richards, Thursday, 11-29-07 10:03 PM
re: Sunday Signups 12-30-07
I'll be on the quality assurance team.
ROUS  Dan Banham, Friday, 11-30-07 5:14 PM
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