Official Release: City's Edge Directory
Many of you have already noticed the new pictorial directory that has been under development for some time.
I've been putting off announcing it officially because it isn't "done" - it's still in Beta. But it's Mostly done, and more importantly it's printable!
So here's how to get there:
First, login. If after you finish reading this message, scroll down to the bottom look on the right hand side. Click the login link. It will take you to the Discussions main page. At the bottom of that page is a place to put in your user name and password. If you don't have one or forgot yours, contact Annette.
After you've logged in, click "People" (top of this page) and then "Directory" (right hand of that page)
There it is! Check out your family's information. Does everything look complete and accurate? If not, click the "edit" link and fix it! (Don't see an edit link? Ask Annette.)
If you would like to print the directory, follow the "Print" link on the top of the directory page. A pop-up will appear with a print-friendly version and the print dialog will appear automatically on top of that.
(If you print from the main page it will take 5-6 pages, as opposed to 3 pages. If you've got the ink, feel free!)

If your family is missing from this directory, please contact me ( with your basic data and I'll put it in for you.
And of course, contact me for any other problems that you encounter viewing or editing stuff.

Thanks all!

PS: One last thing: I don't have pictures for some of you. This is largely my fault: I actually lost a handful of the ones I took for this purpose, which Never happens to me. Except this time. Dang. I'll try to schedule a re-shoot soon. In the meantime you could always e-mail me one - or catch me at church and I'll take it on the spot.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Saturday, 12-1-07 9:04 AM
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