CE Calendar on Google Calendar
I was thinking of making up a Google Calendar for CE events. I mean, I have to put them on my calendar anyway, why not move them to a shared calendar and publish them?

Do you use Google Calendar?
Do you use iCal? (i THINK iCal can pick up google calendars)
Would this be useful to you?
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 1-22-08 10:29 AM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
I love this idea. I actually have a Google calendar that I put church events on now but it's just one of my subcalendars.

I don't use iCal
ROUS  , Tuesday, 1-22-08 4:26 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
ok, that's enough support for me. i'll post again when i get it done. i figured it makes sense for me to do something like that since i('m supposed to) do the Events fliers for the tables on sundays.
Christina, Tuesday, 1-22-08 5:24 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
Here it is! Annette and I are working on customizing it to our needs. This should be automagically updated as i update my calendar. click the "+Google Calendar" button at the bottom to add it to your own Google Calendar.

One cool thing about this is that if you add it to your google calendar, you will be emailed reminders of when stuff is coming up. You don't even need to actively use Google Calendar to get the notifications. Just add it and ignore it! We do all the work for you!

I'm considering adding birthdays (no years) to it, too. If you are someone who objects to having your birthday published, please let me know!

ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 1-22-08 6:12 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
ok, i've transposed all of the birthdays i could find in the directory. let's hope i didn't make any mistakes. if your birthday wasn't listed, please let Annette (directory) and me (calendar) know. feel free to check my work and email me with any corrections.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 1-22-08 11:57 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
Annette, here is a sample of what we could put on the front page:

Christina, Thursday, 1-24-08 12:36 AM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
Hey Sunday the 3rd we are having a birthday party for Jack at church to coinside with the big game. please add it to the calendar. it was suppose to be announced 3 weeks ago but life happens....
ROUS  Ben Richards, Thursday, 1-24-08 2:07 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
There you go. How's that?
Christina, Thursday, 1-24-08 3:35 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
OK, y'all, what do you think?
I confess I am not thrilled with the fact that it is blue (Christina and I checked: you can't change it!), and I miss the ability to split out into separate sections the upcoming non-Sunday events from the Sunday snack / kid stuff. But when balance that against the, oh, two or three hundred functions Google provides that I don't feel like trying to reproduce in my hand-built calendar we've been using...
I don't know. The jury is out. Let me know what you think.

ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 1-24-08 8:05 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
Here are some quick instructions. Maybe when things get a bit more solidified we can put them somewhere that won't fade away with time.

If you have a gmail account but never activated google calendar:
1- Go to calendar.google.com
2- Sign in using your gmail address and password
3- Fill out the little form and click Continue
4- Click here:

If you already have an account set up:
1- Login to Google Calendar
2- Click here:

If you have iCal and want to load this calendar up there:
1- Open iCal
2- Under Calendar, choose Subscribe
3- Paste in this address:

If you don't use Google Calendar or iCal, there's still hope for you! It will be published on this website in an interactive format. Feel free to poke around. You can't hurt it, its read-only. Try clicking on an event to get details about it. Try clicking between Week, Month, and Agenda views. What happens if you click the arrows next to the Today button, or click on the current month? Have at it!

Here are some advantages of using the calendar this way:
* I gotta do it for myself, anyway. Might as well share out the work I've done so others don't have to.
* Once subscribed, you should (fingers crossed) start getting email notifications 2 days before events. Google Calendar only. Sorry, iCal.
* Google Calendar allows for a more interactive format.
* It also allows for repeating dates, text-message reminders (only if you sign up for it), and for items to be copied over to your personal calendar, if you wish.
* It has three views: Week, Month, and Agenda.

If you don't have a Google account but want one, I'm pretty sure you can just sign up for one at google.com. Otherwise email me and I'll hook a brutha (or sista) up.

Let me know if you have any questions.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 1-24-08 11:43 PM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
i think that it's great. good job web gurus.
ROUS  Ben Richards, Saturday, 1-26-08 10:51 AM
re: CE Calendar on Google Calendar
It looks like the notifications don't pass to subscribers. If you want reminder notifications, I can help you set them up for yourself.

1- Accept the calendar with the directions above.
2- Select an event
3- Under Reminders, choose your type and time interval
4- Click Save.

I suppose they did this intentionally, because different people might want to be notified in different intervals. (2 hours or 2 days?) If you have any questions, let me know.
Christina, Monday, 1-28-08 5:23 PM
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