for the calendar
For the keeper of the calendar, Barbara Rezzonico Hardgrove's birthday is March 9.
Steve H, Tuesday, 1-29-08 11:38 PM
re: for the calendar

And for everyone else, let's keep one thread (this one) for calendar add's, kinda like the Overheard one.

ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 1-30-08 12:31 AM
re: for the calendar
jack's party for tomorrow is cancelled. some folks already know but he is sick and contagious so we wont even be there for church. we're bummed. party is now a week from sunday with more details to be announced.
ROUS  Ben Richards, Saturday, 2-2-08 12:54 PM
re: for the calendar
what time is it? then i can put it on the calendar. :-)
christina, Sunday, 2-3-08 9:16 PM
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