Good or bad? Just thinking... maybe wanting to hear some feedback so I can balance it all out and successfully re-enter a very sarcastic culture from one that isn't. I read some very Christian things and I am torn.

What do you all do to guide or guard you in this area?
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Wednesday, 2-13-08 7:55 AM
re: Sarcasm
I say "bring it", but I can't claim that my attitude is completely Godly all of the time. Sarcasm is an important part of the way we interact, but that doesn't mean that everyone needs to "bring it" at the same level. Feel it out and take it person-by-person and moment-by-moment. :-)
Christina, Wednesday, 2-13-08 11:19 AM
re: Sarcasm
Well I certainly don't have anything profound to say on the subject but speaking as one who is a little dense in the sarcasm department I find that a lot of eye rolling and heavy sighing helps to avoid miscommunications.
ROUS  Lisa Franklin, Wednesday, 2-13-08 1:37 PM
re: Sarcasm
I'm curious as to what the "very Christian things" that you read were. I believe that sarcasm is often an enjoyable way for people to interact in a relatively safe manner. There are times when it can go too far--knowing how to be sensitive to those moments, how it is affecting others is really the trick. I realize that many people are born without the sarcasm gene. These people frighten me, and we tend not to get along. I mean, in our world and particularly this culture, there's a lot to be sarcastic about. Another option might be depression . . .
ROUS  Dan Banham, Wednesday, 2-13-08 3:55 PM
re: Sarcasm
this would be the perfect opportunity to insert something sarcastic here. unfortunately it seems my wittier is broken today.
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Wednesday, 2-13-08 6:05 PM
re: Sarcasm
I'm with Dan: People who aren't sarcastic and don't "get" sarcasm scare me. I am always uncomfortable in their presence, because I constantly use sarcasm to defuse tense (or what I perceive as tense) situations and conversations. When I get those little clues that my listener doesn't get it or appreciate it, I usually end up just shutting down entirely. I feel like I am picking my way through a verbal mine field if I have to take it out entirely.
That said, I can guess some of the points that Katy's "Christian Things" made. They probably suggested that - aside from the obvious dangers of hurting someone's feelings by going too far - sarcasm can shut down a deep conversation by minimizing or poking fun at whatever is being discussed. It can keep us operating on the surface level, masking our real opinions and feelings, and passing off the important things that should be heard, considered, felt, and examined. Sometimes tension is good for us and should Not be diffused.

I suspect it's like any other tool in our verbal arsenals: invaluable when the situation calls for it; dangerous in excess.

ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 2-13-08 6:26 PM
re: Sarcasm
i like to use sarcasm to be able to bluntly say things i couldn't have otherwise said. its verbal play that establishes trust when both sides can bounce the verbal ball back and forth. heck, where would my relationship with Pastor Dan be without sarcasm? probably not nearly as tight as we are now.

btw katie welcome home soon!
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Thursday, 2-14-08 1:17 AM
re: Sarcasm
I agree that sarcasm can be playful and fun. I do enjoy the banter. Much like a game and I love word play.

I think the kind that can hurt the unsuspecting is more dark. Like the kind that can be used as a way to mask a real insult by saying something a little mean and then laughing it off. It allows the person to say mean things without any consequence socially.

Also I can tend to be a little more Negative in my attitude when I use some sarcasm. I don't like myself as much that way. It's a little to bitter sounding to me.

I think it's really the difference between worldly humor and Christ centered. The difference being that we understand that we don't want to hurt anyone and we hope the other person understands that about us. That keeps us from getting too personal most of the time. I hope anyway.

ROUS  Debbie Day, Friday, 2-15-08 6:01 PM
re: Sarcasm
Sarcasm, if handled well, can bring a lot of grace to a conversation. I relax with sarcastic people because they aren't going to take everything I say literally or too seriously. They have the skills to read social clues and respond appropriately.
Beth, Saturday, 2-16-08 11:47 AM
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