Oh no! My faith is destroyed!
Article suggests that psychoactive plants growing in the Sinai desert are actual cause of "seeing God" just after the Exodus.
Fails to propose an explanation for how said hallucinogens caused the Red Sea to part or the firstborn of Egypt to die. Although perhaps if they all OD'd...

Seriously, though, isn't it fascinating just how many "experts" sink their time into finding scientific explanations for Biblical miracles? It's as if they're trying to prove something...
Link: High on Mt. Sinai
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 3-5-08 11:43 AM
re: Oh no! My faith is destroyed!
Shanon wrote that he was very familiar with the affects of the ayahuasca plant, having "partaken of the ... brew about 160 times in various locales and contexts."

Perhaps this has something to do with the lack of wisdom associated with his research.

He doesn't even take into account the fact that thousands of people all saw the same thing. Not to mention the fact that instead of dieing in the desert, too stoned to know what was really happening, the Vision of God actually lead them around, fed and watered them and kept them from getting massacred by natives for 40 years.

If they really were stoned the whole time then the miracle is that they lived!

ROUS  Debbie Day, Thursday, 3-6-08 10:49 AM
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