April 27th - Orthodox Easter
Is anyone interested in seeing the Orthodox (of course Romanian) church celebrate Easter this year? In Romania there is a late night (Saturday the 26th) candlelight service that is very beautiful. I realize that's a long way to travel, but I'm hoping/thinking that they probably do the same kind of thing here. It usually ends about midnight or 1 Sunday morning/Saturday night. There's a church on SE Stark that I can get in contact with, but if I'm the only one, well, that's less exciting. Please let me know.
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Tuesday, 4-1-08 4:31 PM
re: April 27th - Orthodox Easter
I would, but I'll be in California that day. That'd be a long trip back... :-)
ROUS  Christina Reagan, Tuesday, 4-1-08 6:15 PM
re: April 27th - Orthodox Easter
I'll have to talk to David, but it sounds interesting to me!
Annette, Wednesday, 4-2-08 3:14 PM
re: April 27th - Orthodox Easter
I'd be interested in attending. I'm quite interested in the Orthodox church (well, Russian Orthodox, but I'm sure it's similar).

Alyssa, Friday, 4-11-08 3:19 PM
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